Monday, 21 November 2016

The water cycle info report

    The Water Cycle

The water cycle is a process that the water goes through between sea,land and atmosphere.It is a cycle that never starts Going and never ends but never starts.

Evaporation is when the water turns into steam to go up into the atmosphere and create clouds.On very hot days there's more evaporation because the sun is beaming down on the water which makes more steam.It is a invisble process because it’s mass if it’s from the lake;that’s why you can’t see it.Vapor in the air is called humidty in hot places the humidty.After the water evaporates it condensates into clouds.

When all the vapor condensates into the atmosphere and then they form into rain clouds.When it builds up to much that’s when it starts to rain.Precipitation,There are 4 types of precipitation eg: rain,hail,snow and sleet,Snow forms when it is very cold.When it’s in the cloud it’s a gas;when it starts to rain it turns into a liquid,When it’s snow it’s a solid.When it hits the ground it goes to a runoff furthermore which goes back to the sea then starts the process again.

Runoff is when the rain finds a stream of a river and runs back to the sea.After it in the mountains they will go under ground (Ground-water) or if  it’s the runoff it stays above ground it will find a river and go back to the sea.Runoff is the precipitation that didn’t get infiltrated so it stayed above ground and went back to the sea.Ground-water is the water that did get infiltarted and goes underground,and that is our drinking water.

The water cycle is a key thing in the survival and the steps of the water cycle are evaporation,condensation,precipitation and runoff water cycle is key for human and other speicies and that’s what keeps us alive.

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