Monday, 29 June 2015


Early in term two we did addition ,subtraction ,division and multiplacation  first I did addition this is the stratigies how to do it 367
                                =825 that is the stratgie that  helped me out during test and activities

Reading assement task

2 weeks ago I did a task to determine if we knew how to infer meaning from the text we had two tasks to do the were called runaway balloon and and inspiration Mr Brown marked our test I only just just past the test it wasn't about how many you got right it was which ones you got right.


This week we have been doing careers board I have been doing rugby player.Last week I finished my career board I thought I was not going to finish but in the end I finished quite early so I had the the hole week to do S.D.L.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

one times tables

this is my one times tables

ten times tables

this is my ten times tables

te reo weather report

this is my te reo weather report

Reading for the week

This week for reading we did a assessment for the national standards i did pretty well I only just passed   The test it was hard and other things we did was the before activity and the must dos the assement  counted as the after activity which was good and our book was spaceships and aliens

Career writing

This week I have  been on publishing I have found it really challenging because I can't get Ideas to finish of my paragraphs so know I have been trying to get my writing finished so I can do my career board.

Maths measurement goals

These are my measurement goals
Find volumes of common shapes and limits of answer.Know about perimeter/area/volume of shapes and limits of answer.Know about simple angles.Explain the relationship between the gradient of graph and rate of change.Find perimeter/of areas of common shapes limit and answer.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


This week we have been looking at the national standard spreed sheet at first I thought it was going to be challenging but after yesterdays conference with Mr Brown I'm starting to get it.And last week we had a test on numeracy and measurement in numeracy I improved lots than the last test I got 4 B and this test I got 5 P .And for my measurements test I got a 4 P which I was really happy with because measurement is not my strong point.


                                                         Rugby player                                                                                                                    For writing we have been writing about our chosen careers my career was a rugby player these are some of my subtitles paragraph  Education,Study,Food,Training and Retirement.As my back up career I have chosen bank accountant or retail or coaching I have really enjoyed writing about our careers and I looking forward to making the board with all of my information on it.


WALT Infer meaning from text this week we have been reading rays rock there are three stages of this weeks reading before is the first one you do first you do the prediction sheet, and then you read the book what is rays rock then you write ant challenging or technical words on the vocab sheet then you do the summary sheets there is a choice of five and you do a different one for different things.On wednesday you do the after activity which is where your with the teacher and he asks you questions,then he gives you a sheet to complete a sheet that this week was character inference chart.The last thing you do in the week is must dos these change every week the sites that the teacher gets them from dogo news there a two this week it was about a glass bridge and hyphens and prefixes

Te Reo